At any of our branches, the customers will be instructed on how to fill out our money transfer form. After that, our employees will enter the customer's information into our database system. Once that is done, a receipt with both signatures will be given out. This whole transaction only takes a few minutes. US dollars will be delivered to beneficiaries in Vietnam within 24 hours by Vn-Usa's couriers. A one page of text message can be delivered along with the money if the customers wish to do so.

After the 24 hours period, the customers can either stop by our branch or agency to pick up a signed confirmation receipt with a message from their relatives, or request us to send that confirmation receipt to the customer's address. The existing customers will receive faster service since their info is already in our system.

The procedure may be a bit different at some agencies if they are not computerized. The customers are required to fill out the order forms and pay the agents directly. At the end of the day, the agents will fax a list of transactions to our headquarters where the information will be input into our database. Those transactions will be delivered along with the other Vn-Usa branchs transactions. The next day, Vn-Usa's headquarters will provide the confirmation receipts to the agents so the customers can pick it up, or the agents' employee can send that confirmation receipt to the sender address if they wish to do so.

The following chart shows our payout time in line with the payout locations:

Payout Locations
Payout Time

SaiGon (Urban & Rural Areas)

At remote areas in Can Tho, Thu Duc, Cu Chi, Hoc Mon...
Within 24 hours

1 -2 days

Southern & Central Areas

In cities & towns with street numbers.

In remote areas without street numbers.

1 -2 days


1 -3 days

Northern & Highland

In cities & town with street numbers.

At remote areas without street numbers.

1 -2 days

1 -3 days